What you get with your HSS UNIX account

An @hss.caltech.edu e-mail account

The primary benefit most members of the Division derive from their HSS UNIX account is an @hss.caltech.edu e-mail account. The Division runs its own e-mail server which offers e-mail access via POP, IMAP and Webmail, with no quotas: store any amount of e-mail (within reason) on our servers that you choose.

One additional benefit of using the HSS e-mail server for your primary e-mail address over that of IMSS is that we can help you with any e-mail problems directly instead of having to refer you to IMSS.

File storage

We have a large capacity (700GB) file server which is backed up frequently to tape: filer.hss.caltech.edu, also known as samba.hss.caltech.edu. This is available to all members of the Division who have HSS UNIX accounts (all your mail is stored on it). It is easily accessible from Windows and Mac OS X (as well as Linux). See Accessing your HSS UNIX home directory from Windows and Mac OS X for help with this.

A personal website served from www.hss.caltech.edu

Everyone with an HSS UNIX account may set up their own personal website on http://www.hss.caltech.edu.

Access to HSS site licensed software

Some of our HSS site licensed software, notably the UNIX statistical packages Stata, Gauss and StatTransfer, are only usable for free on our UNIX computational servers. Your HSS UNIX account gives you access to these packages.

Access to our UNIX login and computational servers

We have several powerful computational UNIX servers available for general use to members of the Division. These are quite suitable for running computationally intensive jobs in Stata, Matlab, Mathematica, R, or another such package.

  1. compute0.hss.caltech.edu CNAME eliot.hss.caltech.edu
  2. compute1.hss.caltech.edu CNAME kant.hss.caltech.edu

These machines are also available to you if you simply want to work in a UNIX environment, to run pine or emacs, for example.

Your HSS UNIX account gives you access to these machines.